A description of antoine laurent lavoisier as one of the best known french scientists as an importan

Lavoisier hypothesized that it was probably the fixation and release of air, rather than fire, that caused the observed gains and losses in weight. Lavoisier worked on combustion over the next fifteen years and his work ultimately disproved the phlogiston theory of combustion.

Oxygen theory of combustion The oxygen theory of combustion resulted from a demanding and sustained campaign to construct an experimentally grounded chemical theory of combustion, respiration, and calcination.

Lavoisier himself was removed from the commission on weights and measures on 23 Decembertogether with Laplace and several other members, for political reasons. Since the Paris law faculty made few demands on its students, Lavoisier was able to spend much of his three years as a law student attending public and private lectures on chemistry and physics and working under the tutelage of leading naturalists.

Elementary Treatise is regarded as the first modern textbook on the subject of Chemistry. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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He also intervened on behalf of a number of foreign-born scientists including mathematician Joseph Louis Lagrangewhich helped to exempt them from a mandate stripping all foreigners of possessions and freedom.

However, when metals were heated, the resulting oxide weighed more than the original metal. The new system of weights and measures was adopted by the Convention on 1 August This rear-guard action was unsuccessful, and he soon found himself imprisoned along with other members of the General Farm.

Being a powerful member of Ferme Generale, he was one of the 28 tax collectors of France and during the French revolution he suffered the wrath of French revolutionaries.

The results allowed Lavoisier to conclude that respiration is a form of combustion. We now know that combustion happens when substances react with oxygen at high temperatures. Lavoisier spent considerable time as a Tax Farmer, and he was richly rewarded for his efforts.

However, he continued his scientific education in his spare time. Three years after joining the General Farm, Lavoisier married Marie Anne Paulze, the year-old daughter of a member of the Farm with whom he worked. That year Lavoisier also began a series of experiments on the composition of water which were to prove an important capstone to his combustion theory and win many converts to it.

At the end ofin a U-turn, the French government found Lavoisier innocent of all charges. In cooperation with mathematician Pierre Simon de LaplaceLavoisier synthesized water by burning jets of hydrogen and oxygen in a bell jar over mercury.

There were also innumerable reports for and committees of the Academy of Sciences to investigate specific problems on order of the royal government.

Antoine Lavoisier

Lavoisier stated, "la respiration est donc une combustion," that is, respiratory gas exchange is a combustion, like that of a candle burning. Noting that burning gives off light and heat, that warm-blooded animals breathe, and that ores are turned into metals in a furnace, they concluded that fire was the key causal element behind these chemical reactions.

But, since the construction never commenced, he instead turned his focus to purifying the water from the Seine. However, Lavoisier encountered much opposition in trying to change the field, especially from British phlogistic scientists.

He burnt phosphorus and sulfur in the air and proved that the products weighed more than the original. The General Farm was a partnership that had a contract with the royal government to collect certain sales and excise taxes, such as those on salt and tobacco.

Still he had difficulty proving that his view was universally valid. He attended the College Mazarin from tostudying chemistry, botany, astronomy, and mathematics.

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He thus discovered that diamond is a crystalline form of carbon introducing the possibility of allotropy in chemical elements. His devotion and passion for chemistry were largely influenced by Etienne Condillac, a prominent French scholar of the 18th century.

As a result of her close work with her husband, it is difficult to separate her individual contributions from his, but it is correctly assumed that much of the work accredited to him bears her fingerprints.

He performed some of the first truly quantitative chemical experiments. Antoine Lavoisier () Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (lah vwah ZYAY) was one of the best-known French scientists and was an important government official. His theories of combustion, his development of a way to classify the elements and the first modern textbook of chemistry led to his being known as the father of modern chemistry.

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier: Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, Lavoisier, Antoine-Laurent French chemist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier his regards to Lavoisier’s “philosophical wife,” and shortly thereafter she was being tutored in chemistry by one of Lavoisier’s collaborators.

In. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was a prominent French aristocrat whose immense contribution in the areas of chemistry and biology provided the way to modern chemistry and science.

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier

He was the first person who produced a list of elements found in nature. Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier (26 August – 8 May ) was a French intellectual and nobleman, widely regarded as the founder of modern chemistry.

Contents 1 Quotes. A Description of Antoine -Laurent Lavoisier as One of the Best-Known French Scientists.

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words. 3 pages. An Analysis of the Topic of the Special Theory of Relativity and the General Theory of Relativity. 1, words. 3 pages. Antoine Lavoisier (August 26, to May 8, ) was a French nobleman who is considered to this day to be the father of modern chemistry.

His work was crucial in a period of discovery that is now known as the Chemical Revolution, or even the First Chemical Revolution. Lavoisier was born into a.

A description of antoine laurent lavoisier as one of the best known french scientists as an importan
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